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We are Western New Yorks premier firearms training facility. We bring our expertise in law enforcement, security, firearms, crime prevention, personal protection, communications, first aid, reliability, and professionalism to you.  We have a first-hand perspective on industry standards, current trends, real life experience and above all integrity in the services we provide.  We are second to none!  

Whether you’re looking to fulfill New York State requirements to obtain and maintain Security Guard Licensing, New York State Firearm License (Pistol Permit), firearms training, first aid certification/renewal, personal protection solutions and training, crime prevention programs, house of worship crime prevention and protection training or simply looking to improve your community through understanding community policing and crime prevention, we are here to help!

Safety and security are quality of life issues!

Thank A Vet

We at Criminal Justice Professionals Training and Consulting, LLC recognize the hard work, dedication and sacrifices that each and every member of our armed forces makes on a daily basis.  We could not be more proud of and thankful for each and every one of you.  No matter what was asked of you or where you were directed to go, you’ve done so with honor in the name of freedom.

We want to thank you for your service.  Criminal Justice Professionals Training and Consulting, LLC are proud participants of the Thank A Vet Program in Erie and Niagara counties.

Erie County Thank A Vet
Niagara County Thank A Vet