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Concealed Permit (CCW)


If you are looking to get restrictions removed from your Erie County Hunting/Target or Business restricted NY Pistol Permit: Our Advanced Handgun Firearm Safety Course (concealed carry class) is the answer.

It’s important to understand the process, removing restrictions is up to the licensing officer, the Judge.  If you applied for an unrestricted pistol permit and you only received Target/Hunting or Business and the Judge advised you that you need to take additional training from a qualified instructor to remove restrictions, then our Advanced Handgun Firearm Safety Course (concealed carry class) is the training the Judge is referring to.

You do not have to wait any time period to request restrictions be removed. For example, you can be approved for your permit, take this class and get restrictions removed right away without waiting a year or 5 years like you may have been told.

If you are looking for more info about Concealed Carry, gun choices, holster choices, laws and etc.: Our Advanced Handgun Firearm Safety class is exactly what you are looking for. The cost of this course is $50.00.

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