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Smokeless Range

Criminal Justice Professionals Training and Consulting, LLC is the premier firearms training facility in Western New York. Located at 2476 Elmwood Ave in Kenmore, N.Y., we offer one-on-one or small group/family firearms training for all levels, from beginner to advanced using advanced computerized range simulators. Our instructor is a current New York State Police Firearms Instructor, certified with the Division of Criminal Justice Services. He became involved heavily in the laser gun training industry in 2020. No live firearms or ammunition are used in our facility. We believe working on the firearms fundamentals in a no-judgment, safe environment allows you the opportunity to focus on proper training without the distractions of a live-fire public range. EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT OUR FACILITY. We focus on family training, first time gun owners, and one-on one training. Do you already have firearms experience? That’s good! Let us show you how we can use our simulators to improve your skills.

Our simulators are also available for rent by the half hour, hour, and even by the day. Save money and save ammo! Our simulators can do everything from regular target practice, shooting challenges, moving targets, to judgmental/use-of-force scenarios. Bring your child, spouse, friends, and enjoy firearms in a safe environment. Our classroom area can be rented for, meetings, and with use of a simulator included, by appointment.

Police Agencies can rent our classroom to conduct in-service training. Conduct your class, and then practice those skills on our simulators. Our classroom and one simulator are separate from our retail area which affords you the privacy you need. Criminal Justice Professionals Training and Consulting is also available to come to your police agency with a simulator and simulator operator. Arrangements can be made per/day. Contact us to discuss your needs.